Side Entry Agitators/Mixers

Tank Side Entry Agitators-Mixers various liquid viscosities 12
Tank Side Entry Agitators-Mixers various liquid viscosities 12
Tank Special Agitators-Mixers various liquid viscosities 2

Side entry agitators are available in three weights; light, medium and heavy. All are for applications of various liquid viscosities.


  • Best for dairy products homogenous, vegetable oil or juice storage, waste water treatment.
  • Direct driven
  • Fluids which are easily mixed or kept homogeneous
  • Small tank volumes up to approx. 500 m3
  • Low viscous fluids
  • Tanks with low pressure


  •  Best for vegetable oil storage, bio digesters, blending (petro)chemical.
  • Mixing applications where higher forces are required
  • Larger tank volumes
  • Fluids with higher viscosity up to approx. 5000 cP
  • Tanks with higher pressure (max. 4 bar g)
  • Integrated manual leak stop if required


  • Blending (petro) chemical products, paper & pulp are examples of heavy duty applications where side entry agitators and mixers are selected.
  • Mixing applications where extremely high forces are required
  • Very large tank volumes (multiple mixers in one tank possible)
  • Fluids are highly viscous exceeding even 75.000 cP
  • Pressure tanks exceeding even 5 bar
  • Temperatures exceeding 250 °C


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