HILTAP Fittings -Transfer Loading Safety Quick Coupling

For the Toughest High Low Temperature and Pressure Applications

 high- and low-pressure and -temperature sealing couplings
high- and low-pressure and -temperature sealing couplings

OPW’s HILTAP  series features innovative couplings for high and low pressures as well as temperatures. For over a decade, the HILTAP™ and RapidLOK family of products have served global industries, providing safe transfer solutions for some of the most difficult and demanding liquid applications.

This all-purpose, high-performance quick coupling offers a non-restrictive flow with no variation in pipe diameter when required and conditions allow.

The reusable sealing components are made of different metals that have their own unique hardness and thermal properties, so as to further enhance the seal as temperature changes are encountered.

The sleeve retaining ring ensures safe venting at any residual pressure. The HILTAP Brand offers front line solutions and allows design engineers to specify safe and environmentally responsible connections.

The HILTAP 3TL and LQC couplings offer additional safety and protection in those situations where frequent disconnection of pressurized lines may occur.

high- and low-pressure and -temperature sealing couplings
high- and low-pressure and -temperature sealing couplings
  • IDEAL FOR CRYOGENICS takes on virtually any pressure at any temperature
  • DESIGNED TO REPLACE hammer unions and conventional CAM locking couplers
  • REUSABLE metal-to-metal wedge seal with secondary redundant O-ring seal
  • NON-RESTRICTIVE FLOW characteristics for faster hookups
  • No variation in pipe diameter for most sizes
  • UNIQUE AUTOMATIC SAFETY FEATURE vents residual pressure
  • ELIMINATES BRUTE FORCE CONNECTIONS (i.e. hammers & pipe wrenches) – reduces muscular-skeletal injuries

We supply a broad range of loading equipment and complete loading platforms, gantries and racks.

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