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Assentech Sales Limited is proud to announce a UK Representative Agreement with Jongia Mixing Technology, which comes as a great opportunity for both businesses.

This agreement will allow Assentech Sales Limited to provide high-quality equipment to UK tank storage facilities. Jongia takes pride in producing equipment that is high quality, durable and low maintenance whilst being environmentally friendly.
Assentech Sales Limited is a UK based supplier of equipment, services and technical expertise in tank storage and process safety.
Jongia Mixing Technology has extensive knowledge in various industries including Food, Dairy, Beverage, Chemical, Petrochemical, Bio-Based and Environmental and Pharmaceutical. With an innovative approach to all industries, Jongia has earned a leading position over the years.

By providing a comprehensive range of stirring and mixing equipment, products and systems Jongia ensures the best possible solution for any given process, choosing from a wide range of agitators and mixers. Jongia Mixing Technology offers top, side, and bottom entry agitators, special designs like magnetic mixers, as well as dynamic and static in-line mixers.
The collaboration between Assentech Sales Limited and Jongia Mixing Technology is a great contingency for the storage tank industry.


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