Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

Optical Gas Imaging Cameras

​Being able to detect gas leakages is almost impossible when they are invisible to the naked eye, however, with FLIR Systems cameras we are now able to visibly see fugitive emissions from tanks.

The most popular camera used within our industry is the GF77a, an uncooled autonomous leak detection camera that is designed to visualize methane gas. This affordable, fixed-camera solution provides upstream and midstream gas processors, producers, or operators the features they need to continuously monitor for potentially dangerous, invisible methane leaks. Small and lightweight, the FLIR GF77a is packed with FLIR-patented features, such as High Sensitivity Mode (HSM), for improved gas visualization. The GF77a can help oil and gas companies maintain valuable capital equipment, avoid product loss, meet emissions reduction metrics, and ensure safer work practices.

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