Emergency Relief Vents with Vacuum Relief

Emergency Relief Vents with Vacuum Relief
Emergency Pressure Relief Vents (ERV), Vacuum Relief API2000 Groth UK

In addition to providing Emergency Relief, these vents include a top-mounted Vacuum Relief Valve.

Groth offer a vertical lift (blow-off) type ERVs with Vacuum Valve, as well as a hinged version which reseats itself

Key Features of the Groth Emergency Relief Vent with Vacuum Valve include;

  • Blow-off and Self Seating options
  • Market-leading sealing performance – air cushion seat design creates superior seal and is less prone to sticking than o-ring type seals
  • Self Draining Pallets prevent build up of water and potential to freeze shut/open
  • There are no elastomers in Groth valves as they break down over time in common applications
  • Construction in a broad range of materials including FRP


As with all Groth equipment, their ERV’s are manufactured to the highest standards and offer market-leading performance and longevity.

Models 2400 Series
  2000 series
Sizes 16”, 20”, 24”
Pressure Setting 6.5 mbar (0.0065 bar) to 68 mbar (0.068 bar)
Vacuum Settings 2.1 mbar (0.002 bar) to 17.2 mbar (0.017 bar)
Operation Weight Loaded (Hinged
  Weight Loaded (Vertical lift)
  Spring Loaded Vacuum Vent
Mounting Orientation Top Mount
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel
  Stainless Steel
  Derakane (FRP)
  Furan (FRP)
  Exotics on request
Approvals ATEX


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