Floating Suction Lines, Skimmers and Roof Drains

Floating Suction Line
What is Floating Suction Line?

Floating suction within storage tanks allows the user to draw product from the top of the tank rather than the bottom. They comprise a hinged pipe which floats with the inlet on or just below the surface of the product.


Because sometimes you want to draw product from the top of the tank, perhaps the product is sitting on top of the water and you want to avoid drawing water out with the product. Another case may be where water needs to be drained from the top of a product.


Suction lines are commonly used for aviation Jet A-1 and Avgas tanks as well as being used in power plants, crude oil collection tanks or anywhere the quality of the product to exit the tank is an issue.

At Assentech Limited, we supply and install new Installation and Servicing of our own and third-party floating suctions. We have a team of confined space engineers at our disposal and will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

The floating suction lines we work with are designed and manufactured by Matrix Applied Technologies. Matrix Applied Technologies is the global leader in the design and manufacture of skimmers and large-diameter floating suction lines, with installations in over 80 countries and the expertise to custom design Floating Suction Lines and Skimmers for any tank configuration.

Matrix Applied Technologies product lines are for fixed-roof tanks, internal or external floating roofs in line diameters from 3” inches to 42”.

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