Breakaway Couplers

Breakaway Couplers
Breakaway Couplers

At Assentech, we collaborated in the most extensive program of factory and site testing ever carried out on breakaway couplings. This has given us a detailed understanding of the implications of installation BACs and the associated loads. We will be happy to look at your application and determine the required breaking strains, structural stiffening requirements and changes to the procedure associated with the installation of breakaway coupler.

How Can Assentech Help?

Customers involve us in their breakaway coupler requirements for a number of reasons including;

  • New applications
  • Mitigating against a potential drive-away incident
  • Protecting open (un-gated) loading bays from a drive-away
  • Servicing of existing equipment
  • Additional structural support for loading gantries
In-Service Support

We can tailor reactive and planned maintenance services to suit your needs as a customer and the specification of your equipment. Typically with BACs we would recommend periodic visual inspections and a structured to returning a loading point to service following a breakaway incident.

New Product Selection

When fitting break-away couplers (BACs), care needs to be taken to ensure that the onward affects are considered. Assentech are the only company in the UK to have carried our equipment tests using road tankers and loading gantries and are happy to share our experience.


We install BACs, as well as the associated gantry stiffening, pressure relief and ancillary components. Our engineers are fully insured to work on COMAH sites and provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements in advance as standard.

Technical Seminars

If you or your team want to know more about tanker loading or offloading we will be happy to run a technical seminar or lunch and learn session for you. We make no charge for the sessions for end-users or groups of 5 or more people.

Contact us

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