Floating Suction Level Indicator

The Matrix Applied Technologies level indicator gives a visual indication of whether the suction line is operating correctly and to its position within the tank. This is particularly useful when a suction line is used beneath a floating roof where it is difficult to confirm that a line is functioning correctly.

The Matrix Applied Technologies level indicator is of robust construction

Floating Suction Level Indicator

and simple design making it ideally suited to demanding environments, such as refineries, airports and fuel terminals.

Matrix Applied Technologies Level Indicator consists of a cable connected to the suction line. This cable is connected to a weight running up and down guide rods on the outside of the tank shell to give visual indication that the suction line is operating correctly. It also gives a quick visual indication of the suction line position.

In the case of a floating roof, it is impossible to see if a floating suction line is operating correctly or not. It is a good idea, therefore, to fit a level indicator when a suction line operates beneath a floating roof.

For level indicators beneath a steel floating roof, a 1/2 inch pipe is welded vertically into the pontoon and the cable passes through this to a pulley at the top corner of the tank. This arrangement can be seen in the roller type suction line illustration below.

For aluminium and stainless steel IFRs, a vertical cable guide pipe can be built into the IFR.

Floating Suction Level Indicator