Detonation Flame Arresters

Flame Arresters, Detonation Arresters, Endurance Burn, UK ATEX
Flame Arresters, Detonation Arresters, Endurance Burn, UK ATEX

Detonation arresters are designed to prevent the propagation of detonations in gas or vapour mixtures. Detonation flame arresters are specifically designed for pipelines with a significant distance between the ignition source and the arrester, or for use where the pipe is rough, bent, obstructed or has section changes.

Groth flame and detonation arresters are proven to inhibit flame propagation in gas piping systems and to protect liquid storage tanks containing vapours from gas groups C & D.


Size 2” to 24”
Gas Groups C, C & D
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel
  Stainless Steel
  Hastelloy C
  Other materials upon request
  • Wafer design for quick and easy maintenance
  • Approved for unstable detonations, stable detonations, deflagrations, short time burn and endurance burn (with integral temperature sensor)
  • Bi-directional flame transmission protection
  • Available with factory-installed temperature sensors
  • Approvals: ATEX (per EN12874), FM 6061, USCG 33CFR Part 154


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