Non-Cryogenic Industrial Breakaway Coupling

Breakaway Couplers
Breakaway Couplers

KLAW Industrial Couplings are specifically designed to activate under a bending moment. The activation force can be applied at an angle of between zero and 90 degrees to the plane of the coupling.

This product has huge versatility with an infinite material selection and therefore can be utilized in all industrial product transfer installations.


Typically, a KLAW BAC is installed into loading arm and hose assemblies, where at least one side of the coupling is attached to a rigid and fixed point.

Technical Specification

Size Minimum 1″
  Maximum 12″
Pressure Rating Minimum 10 BAR
  Maximum 40 BAR
Materials available Aluminium
  316 SS
  Carbon Steel
  Other materials upon request
End Connections NPT Threaded Male or Female
  BSP Threaded Tapered or Parallel
  Flanged Connections
  Weld Prepared Ends (Schedule 40)
  Hammer Union fittings
  Other connections upon request


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