Industrial Hose Testing and Certification

Visual Inspection, Pressure Test, Elongation Test, Durometer Recordings, Electric Continuity Test and Certification

Visual Inspection, Pressure Test, Elongation Test, Durometer Recordings , Electric Continuity Test and Certification

Well maintained facilities rarely suffer unplanned outages. It is an unfortunate reality that most catastrophic incidents follow a number of ignored near misses, a tolerance of ineffective equipment and/or poor product/process knowledge.

Experience and increased focus on due-diligence has reinforced the importance to Site Managers of the necessity to inspect, service and maintain their process equipment. Thus ensuring flawless operation and keeping the plant in tiptop shape which inevitably leads to a safer working environment.

Site hoses and cargo hoses should conform to recognised standard specifications, or as recommended by OCIMF.

Hoses should be of a grade and type suitable for the service and operating conditions in which they are to be used.

A single malfunction of a hose can have the following devastating impacts on the loading/unloading fluid transfer operation:

To ensure the safe and efficient loading/unloading/transfer operations;
Assentech Rapid Response and Service Limited offer the following COMPREHENSIVE INDUSTRIAL HOSE TESTING & CERTIFYING SERVICE in accordance with the maintenance and test regime specified by OCIMF AND ISGOTT.

Hoses in service will have a documented inspection at least annually to confirm their suitability for continued use. This includes:

  • A visual check for deterioration/damage; where our competent engineer examines:
    • The hose assembly for irregularities in the outside diameter.
    • The hose cover for damaged or exposed reinforcement or permanent deformation.
    • The end fittings for signs of damage, slippage or misalignment
  • Pressure Test (Integrity Check):  Hose assemblies will be hydrostatically examined to check their integrity (leakage, movement of end fittings etc.)
  • Electrical continuity test:  to test the electrical bond between the end fittings of a hose assembly to prevent a static electricity build up within the length the hose.
  • Certification:  Individual certificates detailing the results and any advisories are produced for the customer to associate with their Asset Management systems.