Tank Truck- Bottom Loading Advantages

Bottom loading is a method of filling tank trucks by pumping Chemical, Petrochemical or Petroleum products into cargo tanks through a system of valves and fittings mounted under a truck. While the traditional method of loading (Top Loading) is through the open manhole covers on the top of the tank truck.


Tank Trucks Bottom Loading Key Advantages:


  • Operator safety: Loading a tank truck from the top requires that a person work on a narrow walkway on the top of the truck high above the pavement. The operator has to handle awkward equipment and takes different positions to perform his task. At the same time, the operator may be outside in poor weather conditions and he may well be breathing high levels of chemical/petrochemical/petroleum vapors, which may affect his performance. The same operator is responsible to react quickly in case of an emergency. Loading a tank truck from the bottom, the operator is standing safely on the ground throughout the loading process. During the actual loading, the operator is normally standing at the control ready to react quickly in case if an incident.
  • Less expensive loading islands: Bottom loading islands are significantly less expensive to build and maintain than top loading islands. The walkway and overhead loading structure associated with top loading are eliminated. The savings can be quite substantial when the time comes to replace loading islands.


Assentech and OPW Bottom Loading Equipment