Gas Detection

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Gas detection systems give vital notice of the presence, or indeed the absence of specific gases. Gas detectors can take the form of small handheld units, portable sampling systems or simple and complex fixed systems.



There are a host of reasons for detection gases but primarily these are to avoid placing operators and systems or danger. The presence of explosive gases can cause dangerous situations, in particular when the release is in an area where there may be an ignition source present. If a release is detected it allows operators to take the relevant action to avert and incident. Likewise, if operators are aware of the presence of toxic of harmful gases before exposure, they can take steps to avoid the associated dangers. As well as detecting gases which are harmful, gas detection systems are also used to detect when vital gases such as oxygen fall below a safe level.



Gas detection systems are used in a huge variety of applications but the type we supply at Assentech are intended primarily for the protection of equipment and operators and are used in fuel terminals, chemical plants, process plants, gas plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the water industry.

Flame arresters are designed to inhibit flame propagation in gas piping systems and to protect low pressure tanks containing flammable liquids. Arresters protect low flash point liquids from external sources of heat and ignition, increasing fire protection and safety. There are two types of flame arrester technologies, the Deflagration arrester and the Detonation Arrester.

Portable Gas Detection

portAssentech offer a variety of portable gas detection solutions from Honeywell. This equipment is designed to keep personnel safe and we offer a range of products, from low-cost disposable units to high functionality devices designed for the most demanding conditions.

Fixed Gas Detection (Flammable and Toxic)

56aAssentech offer a comprehensive range of Honeywell detectors for flammable gases, toxic gases and oxygen and have a variety of solutions for all industries and applications; from low-cost compliance options through to high end solutions designed to minimise maintenance and maximise equipment uptime.

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