Breakaway Couplers

At Assentech we offer an efficient engineering design service to all of our customers. The design team we use includes engineers from a variety of backgrounds, bringing together civil, mechanical, process and marine expertise which enables us to respond to enquiries with proposals that are task specific and which often enhance overall design.

Whenever possible, we look to involve our design team at the early stages of a project as we can often to suggest an alternative solution that may reduce design time, Health and Safety risk or overall project cost.

Using the latest design techniques in Finite Element Analysis and CAD/CAM we have the ability to develop solutions with proven integrity which offer a seamless transition from concept, through design into manufacture and on to installation and maintenance.


Our design related services include;

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Product development
  • Research and development
  • Component design
  • Tooling Design
  • Architectural design
  • Product Evaluation
  • Product Testing


Our design department is experienced with working on projects for COMAH sites, ATEX zones and Safety Critical applications and can provide Method Statements and Risk Assessments for all work as required.

Where on-site installation is required, our design and installation team work hand-in-hand from the beginning of the project, ensuring that what works in theory translates to an end product which is fit for purpose and is engineered to slot straight into its surroundings. Over a number of projects we have found this approach to advantageous when not only the cost but also the safety of an installation is considered.


Design Projects we have undertaken recently include;

  • Top Loading Gantries for customers in the chemical and fuel storage industries
  • Tanker Loading Platforms for customers in the chemical and food & beverage industries
  • Access Platforms for customers in the chemical and fuel storage industries
  • Piping and Spools for customers from a number of different sectors
  • Lifting jigs for a customer in the fuel storage industry
  • Fluid Transfer Systems for customers in the food and beverage and fuel oil sectors


If you have a design project you would like us to be involved in please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




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