Groth Corporation

If you require your replacement parts or assembly urgently, Groth operate a ‘Red Ball’ program which allows us to take your order to the top of the queue. There is an associated surcharge but this service means we can deliver items urgently when critically required.

All Groth equipment leaves the factory with an identification plate which includes the Serial Number of the unit along with the Model Number. The model number tells us the type of vent but without the serial number we are unable to tell what the pressure/vacuum settings are.

If the absence of these two numbers, we will ask you to provide as much of the following information as possible;

  • Original purchase order number and date
  • Tag number and site information
  • Pressure/Vacuum settings, size and material

If you are unable to provide this information we may ask you to provide photos of the component in question. Alternatively, we will be happy to visit site in order to identify the parts for you.