Gauge Hatches

Gauge Hatches can be opened when required to carry out dipping or sampling. Groth offer two models, firstly an open hinged type (holds no vapour pressure) for use in conjunction with Free Vents. The second model Groth offer has a lock down function for use in pressurised tank and is capable of holding pressure to 3 psig.

The Groth lockdown gauge hatch comes with the same air cushion seat design as Groths P/Vs, offering market leading sealing and longevity.

Groth Gauge Hatches come with a range of standard and custom options as follows;


Models 6000 Series
Sizes 4” to 10”
Max Sealing Pressure 206 mbar (3 psig)
Operation Free Lift Type
  Lockdown Type
Seat Options Metal to metal
  Air Cushion
Mounting Orientation Top Mount
Materials of Construction Carbon Steel
  Stainless Steel
  Derakane (FRP)
  Furan (FRP)
  Exotics on request
Approvals ATEX