Burst Disc Indicators
Bursting Discs (Rupture Discs) SPARE PARTS

The BDI uses a metallic strip bonded to a membrane which is close coupled to the disc. The alarm strip is interfaced with a monitoring unit, annunciator panel, control panel or site DCS which will trigger an alarm when activated by the opening of a rupture disc or vent panel.

Simple in principal, this method is extremely reliable and cannot become fouled or corroded into the wrong position.

The B.D.I. Alarm System is a normally closed, low-powered circuit. When a rupture disc opens, the alarm strip is severed, interrupting the circuit which activates a monitoring device. This device is used to signal that an overpressure condition has occurred and that media is venting.

Proven features include:

  • Signals instantly when a rupture disc or vent panel has opened
  • Positive signal of fugitive emissions and/or the occurrence of an overpressure relief condition
  • Signals emergency equipment, control room and/or operating personnel to alter or stop a process
  • Prevents an undetected open vent line once an overpressure condition occurs.