Bursting Discs for Combined Pressure & Vacuum Relief

Combining pressure and vacuum relief in a single disc gives the user less positions to monitor, less positions to maintain, less stock and less cabling for burst indicators.

At Assentech, we have 3 ranges of discs for combined pressure and vacuum relief. Our in-house technical experts work closely with the production team at CDC to ensure that we offer the most suitable design for your process conditions.


Size Minimum 2″
  Maximum 36″
Burst Pressure Minimum 1 psig
  Maximum 59 psig
Operating to burst pressure ratio Within 1” w.c. of min/max
Minimum Manufacturing range Within 6” w.c. of min/max
 Disc Materials available Monel
  316 SS
  Hastelloy C-276
Directions of operation Reverse Acting
  Forward Acting
 Holder Types Insert
  Full Bolted
 Specials OEM Applications