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Bursting Discs (Rupture Discs) -Pressure and Vacuum Relief Solutions

Rupture Discs Bursting Discs

What are they?

Bursting discs, also known as rupture disks, pressure safety discs or burst diaphragms is a critical safety component found worldwide in processes involving pressure and/or vacuum. A disc, typically paired with a holder is designed to burst/rupture at a predetermined pressure or vacuum.
Bursting discs are fundamentally engineered weak points; designed to fail before a process can reach its maximum design limits and are therefore vital in both preventing accidents and serious damage to process components A bursting disc relieves overpressure and are essential components across a broad range of applications from sanitary; ventilators, car airbags, emergency relief valve isolation, and much, much more.


Why choose a bursting disc?

  • Instantaneous pressure relief
  • Relief valve isolation
  • Economical
  • Compact
  • Bubble tight
  • Maintenance Free


How can Assentech Sales support?

Assentech works with customers and suppliers to meet a vast array of pressure-related applications from small burst plugs to explosion panels. We pride ourselves in ensuring we ask the right questions to support customers in getting the best-manufactured solution. Whatever your specific process needs, temperature, sanitary conditions, operating ratios, corrosion resistance etc.  We will ensure our technically competent and experienced team work closely with the customer and the factory to ensure an efficient and professional service.


Expedited delivery

Depending on the product, we are often able to provide expedited delivery – critical if a disc is ruptured and spares have been exhausted on site.


Volume price reductions

Every disc application is bespoke to the customers’ individual needs. Each order will require the test burst of between three and five discs depending on the specified requirements and manufacturing tolerance. So, it makes the most sense to spread the set-up cost across as many discs as possible. Please talk to us about factory stocking for consignment orders for high volume demand to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

Whatever your specific process needs, temperature, sanitary conditions, high operating ratios, corrosion resistance etc. we will work with you to identify and deliver the best solution.

Our manufacturers are world-class; adhering to all industry standards offering full compliance, certification, traceability, quality and offering great value for money!


  • Technical Expertise
  • 48-hour Expedited Manufacturing Service (only available on certain models)
  • 95% operating ratio provides superior reliability
  • High Life Cycle Performance
  • Extended Warranty
  • ISO 9001 Full Material Traceability
  • Excellent Aftersales Support
  • Comprehensive Certification
  • International Shipping

Contact us

If you would like to place an order or find out more, please email, call on +44 1726 844 707, or fill in a contact form here.