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Suppliers of tank storage and process safety equipment “Quality, Knowledge, Integrity, Safety delivered for a Sustainable Future.”

How do Biogas Emissions from your Storage Tank Breather Vents affect you?

Helping customers to reach Net Zero

Unnecessary vapour losses and odours can be easily eradicated by using informed procurement of new equipment and the use of best available techniques in maintenance of the ageing plant. We continue to support our customers to reach Net-Zero.

Revolutionising Breather Vent Testing

Manufacturer of a new fully automated mobile test bench

We are Assentech Sales Limited, and we supply equipment, services and technical support in tank storage and process safety. Our services also include a rapid response unit for immediate support across the UK.

Prevention of harmful emissions is our core aim: to reduce the number of unnecessary vapours impacting the health of workers and surrounding neighbourhoods, whilst also stopping the waste of precious revenue.


We love that our work spans across a diverse amount of industries. Some days we will be supporting a biogas plant working towards greener energy, and the next we will be licking our lips whilst working at a whisky distillery. Here you can find out more about how we can support and work with each individual industry.



At Assentech, we work with many different professions in the tank venting equipment industry. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, we can provide support to everyone. Below you can find out a little more about what we can do for each working profession.




  • Access to certified flow curves.
  • Factory technical support to ensure application suitability
  • Access to Vent sizing
  • Authorised Repair Centre provides superb aftersales support
  • Full Compliance to API 2000, ISO 28300 and EEMUA 231 Standards
  • Design integrity
  • Practicable maintenance and equipment longevity
  • Access to full factory OEM spares and User Manuals
  • Evidence tank venting due diligence
  • Fully traceable factory testing and calibration equipment
  • Aftersales support includes full breather vent functional testing. The only company worldwide with this technology.
  • Full certification package (as required)
    • Functional test results
    • Independently verified (CE)
    • Certificate of Conformance and Origin
    • ATEX
    • Comprehensive datasheets and dimensions
    • Materials Traceability


  • Minimal site downtime
  • Fit and healthy workforce improves productivity
  • Unit longevity ensures good return on investment
  • No civil and criminal litigation fees and penalties
  • Tight sealing with minimal emission loss boosts profitability
  • Contributes to production reliability and efficiency
  • Containment of media sustains media quality
  • Extends life of storage tank
Health & Safety
  • Reduction in harmful emissions supports best Health and Safety practices to keep workforce safe and minimise staff absence and staff liability claims
  • Supports and evidences improvements for ISO 45001 and tank venting due diligence
  • Quality equipment enables continual free movement and reduces injury and strains
  • In-house factory and supplier specifying process ensures materials, ATEX zone, climate and settings are suitable for media and process
  • Supports your ISO 45001 Certification
  • Leak Test Certification fulfils regulatory criteria


  • Evidence good corporate governance and compliance to Standards
  • Your independent assessor
  • Tight sealing venting ensures safe, efficient and compliant equipment
  • No environmental and legislative penalties
  • No civil and criminal litigation
  • Leak Test Certification fulfils regulatory criteria
  • Demonstrates integrity and professional/ responsible procurement.
  • Factory and supplier specialist expertise network.
  • Complies fully to industry standards, ie, API 2000, ISO 28300, EEMUA 231
  • Value for money Lifespan v initial cost
  • Ethical and responsible supply chain
  • ISO 9001 supply chain for equipment and consumables offering full material traceability
  • Traceable calibration and testing equipment
  • Professional aftersales support
  • Supply chain with full Commercial and Public Liability Insurance
  • Factory and supplier confidence
  • Leak Test Certification fulfils regulatory criteria


  • Equipment and parts are fully traceable to ISO 9001
  • Verified factory documentation, ie, Material Tests, NDT, Functional Tests, comprehensive datasheets and dimensions
  • Factory and Supplier Quality Management System
  • Vent sizing and suitability
  • Access to ISO 9001 OEM Spares
  • Professional aftersales support and servicing
  • Contributes to production efficiency and quality of meda
  • Evidence tank venting due diligence
  • Containment of media sustains media quality


  • Evidences environmental sustainability practices
  • Tight sealing equipment maintains media quality
  • Quality equipment ensures longevity
  • Contributes towards reaching Net-Zero
  • Demonstrates best practice in tank venting
  • Supports legislation and regulatory compliance
  • Quality equipment ensures optimum performance

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