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  1. What’s the minimum wage for South SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA,
    California? To handle the increased cost of surviving in 2014, California
    raised its minimal wage from $8/hour to $9/hour, and elevated again in 2016 to $10/hour.
    In the meantime, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA supervisors exceeded an ordinance to improve the minimum
    wage from $10.74 to $15/hour by 2018. It’s the identical to the state minimum $8, not San Francisco $10

  2. Auto areas of the body (used).? My son wrecked my vehicle.
    Need new/used passenger door and entrance fender.

    How do if find out what season range have the same body part style.

    2004 Chevy Suburban 1500 Go go to a local car salvage yard.
    They probably have the parts you will need sitting within their yard.

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